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To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before….

I loved this Daily Create because I am a huge Sci-Fi fan. This daily create was to create a space station. I decided instead of drawing an elaborate drawing, I decided to go to a more realistic approach. This space station is similar to the Soviet Space station that went …

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Daily Create- Deep Space DS106

For Thursday’s daily create, we were supposed to make a picture of what ds106 would look like in deep space. I wanted to show the students flying away with the school. The school is at the bottom and everyone from the class is going on a journey with the school.…

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DS106 Spaceship

Today’s Daily Create was to create a DS106 spaceship. I am terrible at drawing so please disregard the poor craftmanship displayed here.

My creation is a simple drawing, but it depicts Groom, Burtis, and Bond controlling the spaceship that’s taking over UMW. Do I need to explain more than #DS106ForLife …

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DS106 Takes On Outerspace

For this daily create, I had to imagine that DS106 was a space station. Now I know this isn’t a drawing but I’m way more confident in my photoshop abilities than my drawing abilities so I stuck with photoshop. Of course I imagined the DS106 space ship to be the …

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DS 106 Space Station

My third daily create is DS106 space station. I liked this assignment because it got me back to draw thing. I know I might not be good when it comes to art but I thought I did a decent job creating this one. I imagined DS106 folks going through the …

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