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Birthday Cards and Book Covers

We were only required to do 2 daily creates this week and for these I chose to

1. Create a Birthday Card for Maggie Black

2. Create a Kindle Cover Disaster for “DS106 #4Life: Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure”

The text underneath the quote says “Will it be never again?” I don’t know …

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Maggies B-day Card


And who would make a birthday special if it wasn’t Marilyn Monroe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!  celebrate and make it amazing and sparkly

All my good wishes to you!…

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Gonna Drink Bacardi While Feelin’ 22.

Today’s Daily Create was to make Black a birthday card. Now. Birthdays just mean you are another older…and another year closer to “having more responsibilities.” Who really has time for that? No one.

So here you go black. Hope you’re blasting T-Swizzle all day, and enjoying being old.

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