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Thoughts and Ideas

The Vignelli Canon

I spent a half hour or so reading through The Vignelli Canon. I liked that the book was split into tangibles and intangibles. The organization was appropriate for a book about design.

He first wrote about the three most important aspects of design – semantics, syntactics, and pragmatics. What stuck …

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First Thoughts about Storytelling

There are a couple things I think of when I think about storytelling. Visually, the chart taught in English classes is what comes to mind. It’s very strict. Every story follows the set path of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. This is the one I’m talking about:…

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Assignment Ideas

I created two assignments for my ideas.

Terrible Crossover Fanfiction– There are some terrible fanfictions out there that make us question our lives and make us laugh out loud. Go to and generate yourself a terrible crossover fanfiction idea with fandoms you are familiar with. It can be …

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Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create ideas, I wanted to do simple things that had to do with photography because those seemed to be my favorite types of daily creates.

Color Daily Create: There is so much color all around. Take a picture of something that you normally see every day that …

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Final Sleuth Update and DS106 Blog Post

Well, this has been an exciting week to say the least. Pluto and Bailey go missing and Sasha, Sarah, and I had to fling ourselves into the 21st century to find them. When we arrived in this current time, we found a note left by Sarah’s cat Bailey left us …

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Second Assignment Idea


My second idea for assignment back is making moving object with using Vine application. I had fun with using vine so I want to make an assignment with it.


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First Assignment Idea

For the assignment idea, I came up with creating a hybrid animal. It does not have to be only animals, it can be combination of animals or plants, or both.


After finish it, upload it to Flicker.


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Assignment Ideas!

Now it’s time to dealt out the torture! Muahahahahah!

So with the first (writing) assignment, I’m forcing future #ds106ers to skip the filters and the art of cropping so that they have to go old school…..I’m forcing them to DESCRIBE their (or their character’s) lunches! So whatever it is you’re …

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Daily Create Idea 2

Every car in our world has its own design. Based on this fact my second daily create idea that I came up with is making a face expression with using car photo. You can draw or combine face emoticons on car photo. The car photo can be taken or from …

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TDC Ideas

Option 1): Get zany! Take a toy doll (or a make a paper stick figure if you don’t have one!) And take a picture of him or her instagraming a food pic! Get creative with it, and leave a funny comment in flicker.

Option 2): Crop it like it’s hot! …

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