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Assignment Ideas

When creating the assignments I wanted to do something similiar to the daily creates. The only exception is these require a little bit more effort and creativity.  But not to worry, the level of fun is still there!

The first assignment uses video as the medium. The assignment itself can …

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Daily Create Ideas

For my daily create suggestions I wanted to do something new so it took a little while to let the creative juices get ripe.  What I decided on was one for photography and the other audio.  The one for photography is called “What’s Your Best Meme Impersonation”. In this you …

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Week 14: Tutorial

So there aren’t really pictures for this one, as much as general advice. This assignment asked you to write about your favorite or most memorable experience from your first year move in! I’m not going to talk about mine that much, but more of the process that I went through.…

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Week 14: Tutorial 2

This project is pretty straight forward but hopefully this makes it easier.

1. Open up word.
2. Write your name vertically (see picture)    


3. Think of works that describe you. They can be big vocab words or simple words…whatever works! Type them in!

4. Mess with the fonts so …

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Week 14: TDC Ideas

So….no more daily creates for me? Well here a few for someone else! Both of mine were built around the idea of coming up with things I could do when I was at work or commuting. Things that wouldn’t seem strange to do in public and could almost be just …

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Week 9 : Final Radio show reflection

Originally from Week 9

Working with my radio show group was a lot of fun, work, exhaustion, and learning. I loved working with Neila and Jonathan to produce a really good show. A lot of people thought it was confusing, but I think that was our general purpose or idea …

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TDC Ideas

Well this is final blog post, being written with a concussion and on pain bare with me please!

Idea 1: To write all the words you think describe you out on paper. Though to make it fun write it in a way you think describes the word, use …

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