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Status Update

Howdy, yall. I am not going to lie, James Black and I were a little confused at first on this investigation. It is definitely something extremely new to our line of work, but we will not panic what so ever. We have watched our briefing countless times to look for …

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Conway Adams and James Black stay together!!

James Black(Stephen Weidman) and Conway Adams(myself) will be working together for the remaining weeks of the class. We are both cops and have worked together several times before, so this should be a breeze to get our work done. Hope yall are ready for the ride!!…

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Tune Squad’s New Agency

Well, it’s official. The Tune Squad is going to become and “official” agency. Of course, because of a certain detective whose name is not Cunningham (*cough* Longs *cough*) I’m not sure how much work is going to actually get done. He’s kind of an idiot.

However, the Tune Squad always …

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Dinner Show at 6

This week I tuned into dinner party at 6 radio show. This was extremely interesting to listen to. The show actually made me feel as if I was there at the dinner party. The sound editing on this show was brilliant. There was so many different noises and sounds that …

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Radio Show Reflection

The radio show was a great experience for me. Listening to our show live was kind of strange. I have not had the chance to hear my own voice very often so it was kind of weird. At the same time, I didn’t really hear it as my self, instead …

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Ugh, As If

For my third inspiration I looked at Kelsey Roach’s post about her character’s diary entry.

I really loved her entry. It was so depressing and angst filled. Just like a teenager’s diary should be.

What made me listen to this post was the picture of Molly Ringwald. I’m not …

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Clue and Foxes

For my second inspiration I found Amy Fanghella’s post about her designs for her radio show.

The first thing that caught my eye was her Clue designs.

My favorite movie in the whole wide world is Clue. I can literally watch it all day everyday and never get bored. …

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