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Tutorial: Audacity

1. After you downloaded Audacity, open up this application and you will see this empty space.

2. To record your voice or any sound you want click the red circle at the top.

3. When you click it, it will automatically start recording.

4. If you record several time you …

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Tutorial: Photoshop

For tutorial, I want to talk about the Adobe Photoshop that I always used to complete the assignment.

1. Put two picture together as layer.


2. To erase the white background, choose magic eraser tool.

3. After you click the magic eraser tool, click the white surface to erase …

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Tutorial: how to successfully pass this class

I realize that I still have yet to post a tutorial for this class. So, without further ado, a tutorial on how to successfully pass Ds106.

1. Know what you’re getting into early. This class is fun, but it will suck up your time like none other.

2. Make your …

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