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Week 9 Assignment: Movement


wiggle wiggle wiggle , said the lonely headphone.


For this assignment (3 stars), we had to find an object, make it move and vine it. Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of it. but I realized that A. I don’t have a vine anymore. B. My phone camera …

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Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the second and final assignment I created for the ds106 assignment bank. It is a four star video assignment that requires a lot of time and a fair bit of video editing skill. The full description of the assignment can be found here. An accompanying tutorial for …

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Attention: Noir Cat Sightings

Good evening everyone of noir106. My undercover photographer came through with several photos he had had taken of Noir Cat and it appears she is still on the run. He found her in Belize, Finland, and the Golden Coast, but what is peculiar about this situation is that she tried …

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Time Lapse

I created (3 star) video assignment called Time Lapse in which one takes multiple 1-2 second clips of a single location. They then combine all the clips together so that the change of that location can be seen throughout the day. Similarly to the following video.…

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Selfie Story

I created a video assignment called Selfie Story. For this (4 star) assignment, one must use selfie pictures and clips to tell a 1-2 minute long story. One can add sound effects or music to make it more interesting to the viewers.

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