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Week 9 Assignment: Best Friends

This week I chose to commemorate my best friend, Evan. Evan has been there for me since the first time I tripped and busted my butt on college walk during freshman orientation. We are moving in together after graduation, and I couldn’t ask for a better best friend to be …

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My Number One

This my number one, my one and only; the love of my life.  She holds me down and keeps me straight.  She does everything with me and always has my best interest at heart.  My wife knows how to keep things on the low when it comes to matters of …

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The Special People in My Life

This week, I took sometime to reflect on the special people in my life. I decided to take these memories and make a montage of them using iMovie. I couldn’t find pictures of me per say… But I found images of young girls who’s emotions reflect mine. The people who …

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Video Assignment

This 5 star assignment was to put together a Montage of a person special to me.   Isabelle’s favorite author is Agatha Christie so that is who I did the montage on.  I used PowerPoint to put it together.  I did research on Agatha Christie in order to make it work.  …

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Lawrence Speaking..

Hello all,

This is Lawrence, in case you were wondering. I am in fact NOT dead, I just wanted those little ladies to think I was so they would get off my back. I don’t need any women chasing me around anymore. I have my eyes set on one dame …

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Jerry: Video Tribute Assignment Tweaked

Here is the updated video of Eastside: Jerry.

It is an exercise in my learning about video editing software. Not the plug and play stuff that has templates and you just upload and find out what it became – but the stuff that makes you have to decide keyframes, audio, …

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The Fifth Wall

I put a slight twist on the ‘Special Person Montage’ assignment for the week of 3/16 to 3/21. It is worth 5 points.

I wanted to use this assignment as an opportunity to show my significant other how important they are to me. I dug through old footage we …

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My Special Person Montage: Shirley Mayfield

5 Stars

Take a journey through the friendship of Shirley Mayfield and Veronica Smith. Shopping pals, with a flare for fashion and fun this video from Veronica to Shirley is a symbol of their friendship. Friendship is very near and dear to Veronica’s heart and she created this video to …

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