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Turay Narrative

For this assignment (worth four stars), I had to describe myself (my character) through various clips.

I started with No Church in the Wild by Angel Haze to represent my distrust of society from a young age. Then, I used Man Down by Rihanna to show how and …

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cute lesbians kill people and steal stuff

I took on the character description video assignment. The directions were to take a few clips to describe a character. My one character, Cleo Barrow, wouldn’t be complete without her Bonnie, so I made it a video about both of them. I was inspired by the trailer for the 1967 …

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Sardic Documentary

This video is for the Character Description assignment.  It said to make a video of any character, using pictures for them and narrating his or her personality and story.  It was a fun one to do for Jim Sardic, my character.  It allowed a very direct approach to expand on …

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