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This is My Story!

So for those of you who don’t know me. You should watch this video to get a general idea of who is Sara Sparkel and what is it that changed her life. I feel that People only know me from that radio show I was in weeks ago and some …

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This is John’s Story

As I worked through the video assignments, I realized that most of the related story of John Brown is that he loves sweet food and he has sweet teeth. So for this assignment, I chose to focus on his past. The days after when his mom and Mark (his step-father) …

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This Is My Story- Veronica Smith

3 Stars

Want to get to know me more? Find out my likes, hobbies, dreams… then watch my video. In just a little over a minute you can learn the basics, and hopes and dreams of Veronica Smith. From small farm town life to big city living.

I choose to …

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Layla and Marcus I A Love Story

This assignment required us to tell a story through flashcards and I thought this would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into Layla’s thoughts on Marcus.



Marcus and I have a strange relationship. We will easily go from kissing each other to arguing about the “unfortunate” death …

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Scott’s Visit to El Jota’s Night Club

(Three Stars)

For this assignment I had to tell a story using flashcards. I decided to have Scott tell the story of when he and his co-owner Liam visited El Jota’s night club. To make this video I wrote the flashcards and then recorded myself holding them up. Once …

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