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Join the War Effort!: PSA by Veronica Smith

5 stars

I am perhaps one of the most patriotic women of my day. I do all I can to help the war effort from home. Although I love shopping, I reuse and mend my clothing. I buy war bonds, and of course am a professional at rationing. Although I …

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Public Service Announcement-George Bozzo

This is a 5 star assignment to create a Public Service Announcement.  I used the emergency broadcast sounds that I downloaded from and I recorded the audio myself.  I used a fellow character in DS106 (George Bozzo) a known mobster and wanted to warn everyone about him.  I used …

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PSA Announcement For Robber

Public Service Annoucement!

Here is a PSA announcement for a robber out of New York City, where my department is located. He is wanted for multiple robberies at gunpoint. He is a 40 to 50 year old male about 5’8 to 6 foot. I dont even know why im even …

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Check out my first  PSA from the BWA in the WIDOW organization! I made it in iMovie for one of our community news updates. I think its definitely worth 5 stars



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I have created a Public Service Announcement (5 stars) that has to deal with gun rights. If you don’t like guns, I don’t like you. Guns are a big part of my life and I’ve been around ‘em since I was young. I frankly don’t give a shit about your …

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