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Visual Assignments

A New Case to Crack

I just got a new case, very vague, but a few clues to follow.  The first thing I’m going to do is research the missing item.  That is right up my alley.  I played the game and found this really weird clue.

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This week I chose to do the “I’m Sorry” picture for my daily create. I chose a picture of a sleeping puppy because of my obvious “I love dogs” reason and I also added an “I’m Sorry” for something that a typical puppy would do, all my dogs owners know …

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A Flipped Side of the Moon

This is the Classic Album Makeover assignment which calls for a visual rethinking of a famous album cover. It is worth 2 1/2 points.

I’ll admit, I bet everyone thinks of this album cover for this assignment. It’s simple, iconic, and has been interpreted beyond belief for seemingly hundreds of …

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Visualizing Emerson’s Words

This is the Poetry Art assignment calling for a visual landscape to be applied to the text of a poem to better explain its meaning. It’s a three point assignment.

I’ve been reading Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Nature as of late, so I decided to pull a quote from there as …

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Me and Photography….

Before I finished this week’s visual noir safari, I knew a little about photography (yes apart from selfies), but my photography focused more on sports and stylized photography. As you all know, I am a martial artist, and one of the things everyone always asks each other is to film …

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Photo Safari Noir Style

~A photo that is taken at an unfamiliar angle. 


-A photo that uses distinct shadows with a little bit of the gritty building effect.


-A photo that shows a built environment, and an urban backdrop.


-A photo that has a sense of moodiness, and a noir cat! …

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