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Gnomes, The Moon and The Porch

It is visual assignment week in #burgeron106 and it is Icelandic week as well. That means, gnomes, elves, fairies and more.

The poster could be “design” because it is a poster- but I used my own photos to create it. (well – except for NanaLou’s porch)

I used a shot …

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Tutorial: Photoshop

For tutorial, I want to talk about the Adobe Photoshop that I always used to complete the assignment.

1. Put two picture together as layer.


2. To erase the white background, choose magic eraser tool.

3. After you click the magic eraser tool, click the white surface to erase …

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First Assignment Idea

For the assignment idea, I came up with creating a hybrid animal. It does not have to be only animals, it can be combination of animals or plants, or both.


After finish it, upload it to Flicker.


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Tutorial: 6 Differences

One of my favorite activities in the Washington Post Magazine is the “Second Glance” page. I can stare at the two pictures for hours trying to find the differences! Now, everyone in ds106 has the opportunity to create their own “find the differences” picture. Just find a picture …

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A Collage Of Your Favorite Vacation Pictures

A Collage Of Your Favorite Vacation Pictures

First, go to and click “Start Your Collage”.

Second, click “Upload Photos” and start uploading your five photos.


Third, a blank collage page appears with the five photos that you chose to upload.



Fourth, click the first picture that …

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Your Name Acrostic Poem

Your Name Acrostic Poem

First, thing you should do is open up a PowerPoint document on your desktop or laptop.


Second, thing you should do is type in the first letter of your name i.e. the letter “C” and then press the enter key and type in the next …

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Final Update-I’m done

I’m done

I can’t believe this. So, you have to be wondering how it all turned out right? Why I hate everything in life? Did you know I can never win? I guess you wanna know what happened. Well, it started with the invitation number three.

It looked to be …

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Love at First Shot

This is the 2nd and final assignment that I will submit to the assignment bank. It is called Love at First Shot and it is a visual assignment. The assignment is to take/find a picture and create a backstory for it. Tell why the couple is in love or how …

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