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Tutorial: 6 Differences

One of my favorite activities in the Washington Post Magazine is the “Second Glance” page. I can stare at the two pictures for hours trying to find the differences! Now, everyone in ds106 has the opportunity to create their own “find the differences” picture. Just find a picture …

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Making GIFs with IMGUR

I’m not really good enough at making GIFs to be a snob, but for the last four years I’ve pushed the process of making GIFs with a combination of a lightweight video editing tool like MPEG Streamclip to edit and export the video clip as stills and an image editing …

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HoN Getaways is still on the look for Monica Smith with the missing NoirCat. I have made this wanted poster to get the word out. Hopefully this will help us find NoirCat soon. Email if you have any information.

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Visual Assignement: From Place to Place

In the photo example I took an image of my daughter and placed her under the sea. I did this because it reminded me of when she used to be inside my tummy swimming around. So I took an existing image of her and an image under the water and …

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“Splash The Color” Tutorial

1.  Install the free “Photo Splash” app onto your iPhone, if you don’t already have  it, and then open it. 2. Press “Start”. 3. Press “Start New Project”. 4. Choose the “Photo Albums” option. A message will prompt you to enable access to your photos.    5. Choose the photo …

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Two in the pink, one in the stink

The second assignment I completed this week was called, “Hybrid.” The directions were to “Combine two or more animals or plants to create a new creature. Use GIMP or other photoshop program to combine the images of animal. When your done post it in to your blog with …

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Agency Photo

Complete Family Photo (3 stars)

The following is The Darkening Agency Christmas Time Photo. Shadow is on the right and Caleb is on the left. There are no other agents making this in to a bro night reunion. Some editing on word was done to make Shadow more visible.

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