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Well, Color Me Gold!

Experimenting with image editing software has always been a pleasure of mine. I  enjoy transforming photos from their original form, such as by cropping and applying filters. Given this hobby, the assignment, “Splash The Color” seemed perfect because I had never tried to add color back to only one object …

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The Easter egg sky

This is the city – dark, gray, shadows and light – and the sky, like a sci-fi nuclear explosion of easter egg colors. It was the colors of the sunrise that caught my attention. My iPhone didn’t do them justice, but it never does. I thought I’d try the Splash

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Disney Vacation

Visual Assignment:

Splash The Color

I decided to do this assignment because I knew this one picture would be perfect for it. I went to Disney for New Years (2015) and I got these glow in the dark Minnie ears. I think they are one of the best things I …

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