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My Dream Vacation- 3 stars

I have always wanted to go across the Atlantic to see Ireland, Scotland, England, and some other fascinating places.  I made a board on Pinterest to show all the places I find interesting.

The different kinds of landscapes are mesmerizing.…

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Dream Vacation: Brazil

I decided to complete this assignment because I love to travel and I love Pinterest! This assignment is called “Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!” and it’s worth 3 stars. The details of the assignment can be found here.

This was easy for me to do since I am so …

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Bali Adventure with Damon

Bev here. After the radio show, Damon and I made up and talked things out. We decided to go on a trip in order to work things out. He just wanted to get up and leave right away, but I was like woah woah woah Damon, slow it down. So …

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