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Week 10

Week 10 Daily Creates

Friday- Fingerprint Art

For this TDC, I had to make art out of fingerprints.

I made a Divest banner. The colors I used were black/gray and orange because those are the colors of the divestment movement. There will be an open forum on divestment tomorrow at 3 pm in …

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Daily Create

Fingerpaint drawing


For this daily create, I put my thumb in ink and blotted it multiple times and drew flowers around it. I think it turned out really good!

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Weekly Assignment

Dear sixteen year old me … 4 stars


For this video, I acted as my character Claudia Rose. I told Claudia’s 16 year old self things to do. This included dating rich boys, not getting bangs, and throwing away her denim skirt. Enjoy !!


xoxo Claudia


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Video Assignment

After receiving Burtis’ email about a group needing an extra member, I joined. I met with the group on Friday afternoon. Their radio show was called NOIR not the father. Which was one of the radio shows I listened to a few weeks back! I acted as one of the …

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Daily Create – Talk to a stranger

One day in September, I walked alone to get a drink from Blackstone on campus. When I was getting close to it, I had a weird feeling that I needed to walk to the Blackstone across the street. I went, ordered a chai tea latte, and worked on my homework. …

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Daily Create

Daily Create – Wednesday

For today’s daily create, I used a picture that I took while visiting Germany last summer. This photograph was taken in a forest called Westerwald, right outside of a small village called Weyerbusch. I then edited it, and added a quote that I wrote in my …

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