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week 12

Week 13: Updates on the case

Snoopin around the ITCC

On Wednesday we flew over from Pasedena CA, to Virginia to help the Groom fella find the Night Rider. The trip took about 2 days. Hank is already having second thoughts on the trip and Joyce is trying to console him. Regardless of the distractions we …

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Weekly Summary

So this week Brian and I (or should I say Claudia and Sterling James) have been working on our Agency, the Rose Garden. It was interesting developing a story around who Jack is. Since our agency is a rehabilitation center and a daycare, we decided to have Jack as a …

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Working On The Case, What the heck is a Night Rider!?!?

Night-Rider Case Update.

Introduced a new case to my compatriots Hank Hankerson and Joyce Jenkins. Hank was less than thrilled about it but Joyce and I finally convinced him. Joyce is also bring her camera to the scene of the crime so we can figure out what is going on. …

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Who is Jack?

Since the start of our Agency, The Rose Garden, everything has gone well … until now. Our instructors from both the Rehabilitation wing and the daycare wing have received suspicious voicemails. From what we have figured out so far, someone named Jack is making the mysterious calls. Jack is a …

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