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Week 2 Assignments


I didn’t think I would ever make it to this post, but this week was full of creative, fun, and challenging assignments. I definitely learned a lot about myself in a creative sense this week. For the past 2 years I’ve spent basically every moment in Trinkle trying to cram …

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Find Out the Hard Hemingway

The Killers by Hemmingway was not one of my favorite reads. I was expecting there to be some elaborate killing, especially after reading other pieces of Noir. There are a lot of instances where the language is very vulgar, which is something that was probably more common during the writing …

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Real Eyes See Cats Camouflaged in Space

Daily Creates really helps your creative side show itself.  I definitely had A LOT of fun working on them this week.

On Tuesday, the goal was to wear camouflage, or camouflage yourself in some way. Now being from NY, Camo is not really a part of my wardrobe. I’ve …

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Killer Bee and Cees

I had to dedicate at least 3 stars to my Character Dossier, and I thought this assignment would be the perfect way to do it! Not only is it worth a whopping 3 stars, it was also an extremely fun assignment to do. The title of the assignment is …

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Shakes and Strangers

Noir readings seem to be somewhat uncomfortable at times. Dopamine Agnostics is a lot different from the last story I read about Frank and Cora. In This story, the main character Lorne is going through a rough time, since he was diagnosed with Parkinsons, which led him to receive the …

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Rap Trends and Orange Soda


This assignment really had my creative juices flowing. With twitter trends being something I check up on everyday, I thought it would be fun to write a poem that included the current trends. Well, writing this at around 10 pm gives you a lot of TV show trends….which are …

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What’s Up, Blair Morgan?

Blair Morgan was born Luella James on September 13, 1939 in Honolulu, Hawaii to Jesse and Genevieve James. Her father was a Vice Admiral in the US Navy, and her mother was a nurse. She was an only child and they considered her a miracle. However, her father was killed …

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