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Week 5

Weekly Summary: Week 5

I didn’t get as much done as I should have this week due to an absolutely packed schedule and poor planning. Hopefully, this is the last time that happens, but I am still proud of what I did accomplish this week and do feel like I’ve learned a significant amount …

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Week 5 Daily Creates

1. Superpower: Kool Aid into Water

For Wednesday’s Daily Create, I had to show my superpower in a photo. I was inspired by a nearby drinking fountain to do this. I photoshopped this image of my hand into an image of a drinking fountain in DuPont. Then, I used …

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The spacing used throughout the film reminds me a lot of all the options given to us for the Design Blitz. I think the most important element used in this movie that was discussed is the “Use of Space.” I think that the use of space in this movie was …

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Vignelli Canon

I agree to the statement that Vignelli Canon suggests that states that “Creativity needs the support of knowledge to be able to perform at its best.” Creativity cannot run freely but needs a balance of knowledge and the subject to perform. I also believe that graphic design can be on …

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Weekly Post

This week was slightly challenging. I was very busy with life and put ds106 on the back burner. But i did learn a lot that I did not know about copyrighting. Also, I took different approaches to taking pictures that I hadn’t done before. Overall, I learned a lot from …

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Copyright & Creative Commons

My impression of the copyright law is that it was put in place to respect people’s work and allow them to receive private reward. I believe that this law satisfies those in need of protection over their own work. This law decreases claims of the general public as well as …

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Assignments (2)

One story/Four Items- 2.5

This assignment is based on my character Claudia Rose. Her four items are cigarettes, a lace bra, red lipstick, and a purse.

Make your own magic cards – 4 stars

This magic card shows (in my mind) what i believe that Claudia Rose would look like. …

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Design Blitz

Typography- This picture os of a typography print that my roommate made. Together, we run a small business called “Written and Redeemed” creating and selling custom typography and calligraphy.

Balance- This picture is of me rollerblading through the halls of my dorm. I’m really bad at it. It was hard …

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