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Week 8 Assignments

There Was A Murder in My Bathtub

LOL jk i just dyed my hair red and it went everywhere.

Anyway, this week was all about collaborating and inspiring and basically loving your classmates.

So here is what went on this week.

Radio Listen In

I listened in on Wednesday to the maNOIRpulators, Dead Silence, and Steadfast Sleuths. …

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A Wedding Because They Cantaloupe

So. Collaboration Week Continues.

Kelsey and I decided to do the design assignment You’re Invited! (worth 3.5 stars). The task: Creating invitations for different events says a lot about what is going to happen. Make an invitation for either any event, whether it occur or not. Pick an event from …

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The Value of Groom to Noir 106

For my last daily create, I decided to create a Jim Groom Ransom Note. Who do you think is worth more? Groom or Noir Cat?!


I made this using a generator online. Kelsey made a comment to me that that the government is probably going to come find us …

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Kissing Kelsey’s Ass

My second inspire post was Kelsey’s Is it time to Post-it?

(and no I’m not just saying any of this cause she’s one of my best friends. she’s actually the No playing favorites!!!)

I picked this piece for a few reasons. The main reason, was her write up. …

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Noir Cat. Bitches Love Noir Cat.

Guess who tweeted along to three fabulous radio shows last night?


Last night’s triple feature included the maNOIRpulators, Dead Silence, and the Steadfast Sleuths. All three were fantastic, and I’m pretty sure I tripled my number of tweets, but it was well worth it.

The night started …

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Dirty Mouth? Clean It With a Biscuit!

This week, we must do 10 stars of assignments from the assignment bank….HOWEVER we can do 10 stars from any category, but the catch is that all 10 must relate to our character and be collaborated with someone else’s character.  AND WE GET EXTRA POINTS IF WE ACTUALLY WORK WITH …

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