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Story with Sounds

Sound Effect Story (3.5pts)

This is a story about my character, Shadow. He is out for the night hunting for things to take, he finds a jewelry store a runs around to make sure the coast is clear. He notices the doorknob is old and jiggles it open. The alarm …

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Ideas for a Radio Show

These are some of my ideas for a future noir themed radio show:

book readings- stories we have read for class
story time/ movies- movies we have watched with the noir theme or stories that we have created
noir character talks- group characters stories and lives/ random situations

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Nature’s sounds

Imitate Some Weather (1.5pts)

I love waking up to the sound of rain so here is my attempt to imitate a thunderstorm. The assignment required items that are used to be within reach, therefore I used a water bottle to attempt to make thunder and a beaded headband I was…

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Spicing Up Week4

This week I did 3 daily creates:

Monday-Ruin-Porn Photography Today

A picture of the old amphitheater here on campus, it is no longer used and it looked antique so I thought might as well used this picture for the “decay” daily create.

Tuesday-I’m Sorry

This is a picture of my…

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