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This made me laugh so hard when I saw this, I thought it was so creative. I think he used snapchat to do draw on his face, but I am not sure. This inspired to laugh at my self sometimes too because how else will you get through life …

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DS106radio listen in: NOIR Not the Father

This week I listened into Thursday to NOIR Not the Father. The sound effects of the audience was on point, the show got really intense and was great! This show sounded as if it was on Maury or Jerry Springer with the story and sound effects which was great! Although …

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Creating Creates on Week 8

This weeks daily creates:

Wednesday-You’re Favorite Moment in the Past Week…make an abstract sketch to illustrate it

I created this piece using water colors to illustrate my hike/walk down to the Rappahannock river with my friend. We went out on the rocks right on the edge of the river and …

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