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Bouncing Ideas Off Each Other…

Radio Show Progress: Week 1

So far in our radio show progress, we are trying to bounce ideas into forming into consistent theme for our radio show. We have many great ideas, however, we still need some more direction. I am going suggest to our group that we discuss our …

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Our Radio Poster…..THE NOIR BUZZ!!!

Our Design Poster for Radio Show:

This poster was designed by Sahar. We decided use this poster because it visually demonstrates all of the elements of noir. In the picture there is glamour, romance, surveillance, and drama. One of our ideas is talk about how certain movies and music showcases …

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My Epic Theme Song

Your Theme Song (4 Stars)

I chose the audio assignment “Your Theme Song”, well because I’ve always wanted to create one, and now I have a great excuse to do so. That being said, this assignment took a me almost an hour to create because I had to chose, which …

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Feel the Pain, Sorrow, Elation and the Tranquility…..

Emotions Through Sound (3 Stars)

For this assignment I chose four sounds that represented my character Marcus Jackson.
The first sound you hear is anger and frustration. He lost one of his new friends he made while he was on his road trip. The second sound is the sadness of …

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Marcus made a Voicemail…

Movie Voice Machines – (2.5 Stars)

Marcus just realized that his parent might call him to see how is doing. So, he quickly made a short voicemail. Although part of him feel this is a complete waste of time, he may receive an important message in the future…..

I chose …

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