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Weekly Work

You’re all forgetting your roots.

I think I’ve asked “how did you make this” more than 5 times this week. If you were my employees, you would all have a stern talking to about following instructions.

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Meet Delia

Alright, my lovelies. Yesterday, I promised and an interview and an interview you shall receive!

After downloading the question videos and my answer video, I had to trim everything to fit. I then put the clips in order, cleaned them up to flow better, and I also added some background …

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Notorious(ly hungover)

Here’s my Notorious video essay. I watched all of the videos because they were only like 2-3 minutes long, and I picked Notorious because it was free. This video was very easy to put together. I downloaded a section of the movie using this converter, and then I recorded …

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Vixen’s Ventures Have Come To A Close

It’s been real, y’all.

I was the on-air rep for my group, and it was really great to see everyone’s reactions on twitter. Of course, there were some parts that I didn’t like of the show or that I thought could be done better, but nobody seemed to notice this. …

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Get A Clue Review

Yes, it’s late. Hush.

Get A Clue was a very well put-together show. What immediately stood out to me was the way the show was put together- it was told through a series of monologues from the perspectives of different characters.

Seems like everyone wrote their own character parts- the …

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Links, ew

Comments this week

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There are zero puns on inspiration.

Okay first up is Spencer’s JIM GROOM AS AN EWOK

I can tell that a lot of work went into editing this image. Even when he described everything that he did, I was in awe. I’m not very good at image manipulation, so this …

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I didn’t know what this show was getting into it. Maybe it was a noir script with D&D themes? A D&D style noir mystery? It ended up being a group having a game of D&D using their noir characters and progressing through a murder mystery. 

Things That Worked Well

The …

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So I was looking through character dossiers to see who I could mesh well with, and I found Sylvia. No last name, only Sylvia. She seemed nice- a black widow, a reporter, and a fellow admirer of red lipstick. I then saw this 3.5 star assignment, and it …

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