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What’s in a Name

This is  2 Star writing assignment was to explain my 1940’s characters name.  This was easy to do, her name just came to me.  Here is my explanation.


What’s in a name?

I chose the name, Isabelle “Red” McIntosh for odd reasons.  My 1940’s character is a librarian who …

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Why is Your Name Spelled That Way?

Hello, this is my post for the What’s In a Name Writing Assignment on the ds106 website. I always get a look from people after I spell out my first name for them or a comment like “that’s a pretty way to spell it”, but not many people ask why …

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What’s in a Name?

This is the “What’s in a Name?” writing assignment that is two points. My given name is a part of the url for this blog. My name is Kassia Rivera. My last name is sort of self explanatory. I’m half-Hispanic (specifically Puerto Rican) on my dad’s side so, …

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Figure me out

I named my blog The Music of the Night for many reasons. If you are someone who knows Broadway than you know this is a song in Phantom of the Opera. I have grown up around operas, musicals, and plays my whole life. I liked this name because to me …

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What is a Roehl-road?

A great blog will never be looked at if it doesn’t have a great title, just like a great book with a boring title will just be tossed aside. For the “What’s in a name?” assignment, I could either tell about my given name, which is incredibly boring, …

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The Name Game

What’s in a Name? (2 points)

Well, since I have already explained the name of my blog in my introduction. I will talk about my given name Lauren Elizabeth.

For starters I will say that my name was picked out by my mother years before she had ever even met …

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