straight down the line

2 down 14 to go.

Week two has been really taxing.  I started off messing up and not starting on Monday.  I will not do that again.  I plan to do a little every night so that I can relax a little on the weekends.  I am learned a lot about Noir and myself this week.  I started participating in the Daily Creates, my first one was trying to get my Yodel to post.  I fought with SoundCloud for over 2 hours and nothing seemed to work.  I finally had to switch computers and it worked that way.  I think I must have something blocked on my new computer and I still haven’t figured out what that was.  Here is my Yodel, it is horrible, but I do like the picture of my cat.

This took me most of the night to get posted, so the next night I was on to the eye selfie.  I didn’t have much trouble with this one but I did learn an important thing.  Sometimes these posts take a long time to make it to the daily create page.  This was frustrating because I kept refreshing the page and my eyes were not showing up.  I looked at others that had posted and assured myself that I was doing it correctly.  It just took several hours for my post to show up.  I didn’t see it until the next day.  Here is that post



The next daily create I did was Saturday morning where I read that I needed 10 pictures of my day.  This was fun and I had fun putting it together.  I started with a word document, this time I found out you can’t post a word document to Flickr, I  ended up putting it on a PowerPoint slide and saving it as a JPG and it worked a lot more smoothly than any of the other posts I had worked on this week.  Here is that assignment:


I enjoyed trying to put an “easter egg” in each photo.

I did the readings, the stories were interesting, but very dark, you can’t trust anyone in these stories.  Here is the link to the write up for those.

I developed my own character, this was interesting because I could see so many things to do with it.  I wanted to make her active in the 1940’s because I want her to be around in the “Noir” era.  I did make the mistake of submitting my dossier without writing it all down, now I don’t know where to find it.  I can remember every thing except the year she was born.   Here is my character, Isabelle McIntosh.

I had a hard time working on my writing assignments.  It was hard to pick ones I thought I could complete.  I earned my 8 stars.

2.5 stars for putting random words into a short story

I also  earned 2.5 for the 10 seconds of thanks, I enjoyed it because it was thought provoking.

I had a hard time with the 10 second drawing, I just got the basics done before I had run out of time.

The writing assignment I had the most trouble selecting was the one about my character, it was hard for me to find one that I could use to develop my character.  I ended up picking the future text book entry.  That seemed like a great way to develop my character and to earn the required 3 points.

I enjoyed writing an alternate ending to “The Killers” by Ernest Hemingway.  When I first read the story I thought that Nick needed to try to do more so save Anderson, so that is how I changed the story.

That was my week, summarized as best as I can.  I never want to be doing this on a Sunday again, I have got to start sooner.

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