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4.5 stars of FUN

So I decided to get the assignment over 4 stars out of the way first this week (this one is worth 4.5 if you couldn’t tell from my title).  I chose The Ultimate Merger assignment because it looked fun and I wanted to experiment more with photo editing programs.  The object of this assignment was to combine two well-known business logos into one.  I chose the logos from Harley Davison and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I chose these two because I love motorcycles and I work at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Here are the original logos.

Harley Davidson


and here is the final product of my creation muahahahaha :)

Logo Merger

I think it looks pretty cool.  Plus if these two companies merged, I think the store would be awesome :D

This assignment was pretty time consuming to do because I first had to find the images I wanted to use then I had to decide which logo I wanted to be the background and which one I wanted to use the words from.  I used a photo editing program called pixlr (which I have used before it’s almost exactly the same as photoshop but free).  The most time consuming part of this assignment though was going around the outline of the Dick’s Sporting Goods letters to get rid of all the green.  I simply placed the words in their place then cut out the extra green that I didn’t need and that is what it resulted in.  Yay design assignments!

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