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911 What’s your Emergency?

It was easy having fun with this one – I have had to make two 911 calls in my lifetime. One worse than the other . . . they are hard, scary and very upsetting!! The operator is very annoying although she is just trying to do her job and get details and all you want is an ambulance or fire truck!! You are thinking – take action NOW and ask questions later!!

I tried to have a little fun with this one but as I was thinking about it, recording it and trying to make it fun I couldn’t help but keep thinking about my true experiences.

I have to say that audacity is getting easier as I learn to venture through it. I am cutting, pasting, copying, and moving tracks around, and deleting tracks if I choose not to use them. I’ve had as many as 7 tracks in one recording but it was a little bit much.

Happy listening:

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