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A Canary

Writing Assignment

Random words: optional, source, decadence, bloody, kind, animal, biological, balloon, audio, halting.

Random animal : Canary

I am relating this post to my character!

Edie walked up to the bar. A deflated balloon blew in the cool night air is the rain splattered down around her. She heard the music still playing inside, the type of audio she didn’t want to hear. She heard a scream and it was halting. It sounded like an animal but she knew it was not of that kind. She decided she needed to find the source. She walked towards the building next-door and suddenly a bloody Canary flew right by her face. This freaked her out and although she knew it was optional she decided to continue looking to find the source of the scream. The ad on building next-door was for a rich chocolate cake covered in decadence. She wished she could be eating that right now instead of heading inside the slightly ajar door that should’ve been locked. As she walked inside she stepped in something wet, but it was not the same when is outside. She turned on the light and noticed that it was not rain, but it was biological, it was blood. And right in the middle of the room, on a pedestal was an open canary cage.


Is this assignment because it looked really fun and sort of like a challenge and because it seems like something I could actually relate to my character.

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