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Aesthetics and Sensations in Noir Radio

One of the primary components of Noir in radio is its ability to make every aspect of it explicit.  Because the radio lacks the visual effects of film noir, it as to be able to incorporate all of the other senses to create a visual stimulation in the imagination.  This is usually done by creating a dynamic embodied experience for the audience.  Through the use of monologues mixed with appropriate tense music and sound effects (with the aid of the announcers) a vivid, descriptive languages conveys the intense emotions being expressed.  All of this together creates an experience that is equally entertaining as actually watching a film.

The best example to use is DS106 Noir radio tweet-a-thon.  By using expressive language, the characters in the radio show “Moon Graffiti” were able to illustrate the experience of being on the moon so well it felt as if I was there with them.  I felt their awe inspiring experience as well as their panic.  Even though some would say the lack of visuals is a weakness, it actually takes that element and makes it into a powerful strength.

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