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An Idea For A Radio Show

This was a tough thing to think about. I’m starting this post on Tuesday and am just going to keep it open on my desktop throughout the week so I can write any idea I have down quickly.

1. I think it would be cool to act out the part of a newscaster and get some big stories from the time period we’ll be set in and report the stories like current events. It would be interesting to write out a script using older dialogue while also learning about some of things that were happening at that time.

2. Another interesting topic would be to look at controversial topics during this time. I have no idea what exactly these would be, but it would be cool to have two different people in opposing positions.

3. Something else cool would be to take “phone calls” from different “listeners.” This could really be about any topic or just people giving their opinion. It would be cool to be in the mindset of different noir personalities.

4. One more idea would be for the people in my group to switch the “alternate ending stories” we had to do for writing week. Then each of us would read someone else’s story with the alternate ending they made up.

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