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This assignment was to take any photo of find any object and take a picture of it and create augmented versions of photos with my imagination. I was about to practice clarinet, so I just took a picture of clarinet and thought about what this can be. Most of my thoughts were came from the shape of the clarinet. The first thing came up in my mind was a space rocket. As you know the shape of two objects look similar so I pasted clarinet on the space as background and put the fire underneath so it looks like it’s about to take off from the ground.



Next picture is that clarinet functioning as the knife that is used to play fencing. I was impressed with the fencing games those were held during Olympics. So I immediately could thought of the clarinet as the fencing equipment.

It kind of seems like a person who is holding a clarinet is trying to make a competitor to play instead of attacking him.. :)



Third imagination was clarinet roles as a funnel. The shape of bottom part of the clarinet is same as a funnel. It has big opening and smaller opening at the opposite side. So when you pour liquid into any bottle, it would make you not to spill all over the place.



This assignment took long time to came up with three ideas and make three pictures. But I had really fun time to think differently. When you think little odd way, your imagination can be fun and something really funny stuffs can be came up from you!

ds 106 Assignments: Apophenia (3 and 1/2 points)


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