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Audio makes stories

Audio is very important for just about everything. Even when you read a book there is still audio but it is what you come up with and what you think would fit. The sound that is found in stories is what changes the mood and tells the audience how they should feel.

I feel like the difference in the same clips was very dramatic. Both of them had music and street noises but one utilized more of the music and the other the street noises. My opinion on a theme song to start a movie is that when I hear the song I feel like I still have time to get settled and grab whatever I want to settle into the movie. The problem with this is I would have missed the whole introduction and what happened. With the street noises there is a sense that something is going to happen and it heightens the dramatic feel. My opinion is that I like theme music because I like music in general. I feel like music is what sets the mood and gets you ready for what may happen. If it is dramatic music like what was used in this clip than you are aware that something dramatic is going to happen. The street noise, in my opinion, is a great way to show what is going to happen but also rather boring compared to the use of music.

Reading the article about Radio Noir was actually interesting. I found that a decent amount that was in there we had already read in other articles about noir in general. Most of it was about the history of noir and what makes people associate certain sounds with noir.

The last thing we were asked to look at was the ds106 radio show. I tuned in on Thursday night and it was a very interesting experience. The tweet along made it better in my opinion. It was fun to comment on what was going on and have other people comment similar things. The first thing we heard confused me so much but I really liked how Paul made the comment about the noir cat.

The second thing that we listened to was about the moon landing. That was so intense and every sound made it that much better. The people even sounded like they were scarred. I did enjoy that story.

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