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Audio Reflection

After watching both the opening scenes of “Touch of Evil” I can clearly see the impact that audio has on film. In the first one I watched the street sounds really got in the way. I was still in suspense seeing the bomb in the trunk but the street sounds really were distracting. In the second clip of the same opening, the audio in the back ground had a greater affect. Because of the lack of street sounds I was able to pick up on the “tick tick” noise within the percussion of the music. This definitely added to the suspense of the “ticking time bomb” in the trunk of the car. This audio helps keep the audience wondering when and where the bomb will blow.

This same setting of the mood can be found in radio shows as well. Since radio lacks the visual element they tend to use more audio to captivate and immerse the listening audience into the story. The atmospheres set by each story are enhanced by sound effects, music, and even the voice actors themselves. All these combine and keep the audience tuned into the story. While listening to ds106 radio on Thursday night I could hear the audio elements are work. During the first story (although I did not like the story line too much) the sound effects and background noise kept me intrigued as to what would happen next. Later in the show during “Moon Graffiti” the use of various audio affects added to my listening experience. The radio sounds of the astronauts, the “clicking” noise of their camera, and the narrator who read parts of the real speech. These elements really kept me focused on the story even without anything to watch. But I guess you could say they did such a great job in the audio department that I could visualize the scene in my own head.

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