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Audio Storytelling Week – 4

Last week seemed to be a better week as I really began to understand things more and more. Watching the weekly video is always helpful and I like that you can go back to it and listen again to make sure you have things right.

I went ahead and downloaded Audacity right away as suggested and played with it a little. Seems like it may be a little tough but who knows. . . . Audacity Went through and read the audio resources pages and downloaded Lame v 3.99.3 and FFmpeg v 2.2.2 successfully. The instructions were great and it was a very easy process or I just got lucky! A matter of a few clicks and it was all there. I attempted to knock out the daily creates – I was so inspired by the first one and  I wanted a good picture of something here locally. Fredericksburg is so full of history and sites especially of ruins. So much is left run down and this create I really enjoyed well until I saw it on my site but not the daily create sight. Noticed my time wasn’t set correctly on my post as it was about 7:30 PM but the blog said it was published at 00:27 AM. Had to seek some advice and corrected that in the system by going to the Settings menu on the left side of WP and choosing General Settings and then corrected the time zone field. But I was also informed that I had forgotten to tag my Flickr picture . . . boy that was a bummer. So looked like I was back at square one and still needed to complete two but I wanted to share all three in my summary.

Electric & Power plant F'burg VA


It's a puppy thing (2)

I really had fun with all three of these and it was a much better experience than prior weeks. Things are not taking as long and are more streamlined since I am understanding better. You can see my blogs about my daily creates here.

Now let’s talk about this bumper! This was a tough assignment for me and very time consuming. While I enjoyed it and loved playing with audacity it was really challenging.

Ah George’s storytelling only by sound effects audio assignment (3.5 Stars) George had a rough day and we blogged all about it. Some people are dead and he’s not taking the heat for it. I thought this audio was a little easier as I get used to using and playing around in Audacity. Sound Cloud is coming along pretty good and getting really easy. Love the drag and drop feature. Even the Mp3 files are pretty easy. You can see the blog here:  Audio Assignments 

More audio assignments (3.5 Stars), again these are getting easier and a little more fun as I learn to move through audacity more and more. I enjoyed putting together tracks and doing a voice recording for this assignment of a 911 call. I wish they were fun and not all serious and troubled! Here’s my blog:  911 How May I Help You?

Here are 2 more stars to add to the audio assignments. These have been very interesting and fun to work with and put together. Still need some practice but hey practice makes perfect. Here is my final assignment link:  A Family Portrait

I took time to think a little and came up with a few brainstorming ideas. I created a blog and posted it here with my ideas: Brainstorm!

I watched both the Touch of Evil and Touch of Evil 1958  the Orson Welles version. Found both to be interesting but even more so listening instead of watching. I felt with the first version it was an excellent choice of theme music as it made you anticipate what is going to happen. Your mind was instantly ready for something.

I also listened to the Wednesday night ds106radio show. I enjoyed listening and tweeting along but continuously felt like I wasn’t connected because I had no way of knowing if I was doing things right for this as it was my first time tuning in.

Wrote the blog with multiple discussions on the audio storytelling at the following link: Audio Storytelling

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