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Baby, I’m the Light and the Dark: Week Three Summary

This week has been concerned with noir in the sense of photography. I started the week by reading the tips on how to become a better photographer (link to tips and hints here). I thought they were incredibly helpful and I made sure to use them through the process of this week. I noticed that, while I really enjoy photography, it is really time consuming when you try to do it in a specific style! I enjoyed the challenge of trying to ensure that my photos were aesthetically pleasing as well as technically correct.

Once I spent adequate time looking up hints and tricks, I watched the Killers Kiss  and Hitch-Hiker , and paid special attention to how the directors framed the shots. Like I said in my write up response to the movies (see below for links to assignments done this week), in the Killers Kiss my favorite shot was looking at the fighter through the fish bowl, and in Hitch-Hiker, I loved the reveal of the killer. While I don’t know if I captured ANY moment nearly as dramatic of either of these moments, I did try to emulate noir style while out and about and while editing.

I also spent some time re-organizing my blog. I am currently trying out a new theme, and have created categories and such. I’m hoping that this new affect is more easily accessible than my previous theme. I like how it’s a bit brighter… I know noir literally means black, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be, well, depressing? Also, I’ve been attempting to tweet more and to comment on people’s blogs this week as well. I know that communication is important to DS106’s success, so I’m doing my best to communicate with people over the web…Here’s just a few of the thing’s I’ve tweeted and such…

It was great to talk to some people via twitter about this class. I didn’t mention it before, but I used the plug in that automatically publishes all blog posts to twitter, so there is a tweet automatically sent out as soon as I post something on this blog. Which I think is pretty cool, actually. I’ve been recently obsessed with making semi-crappy valentines for my friends for Valentines Day this year, so I’ve been slowly putting them on twitter for people to enjoy/be like, “really, Megan? You need to stop.” To which I would reply, “Or naw.”

Problems this week…. Well, I had trouble figuring out how to put categories into my blog. I couldn’t figure out if you were supposed to use a widget so that those categories showed up on the blog itself, or if the categories are meant to be unseen. Also, I tried fooling around with my theme again, since I can’t seem to find a theme that I really love. I’ll continue to play around with it, and see what happens. I want to find the right mix between noir and contemporary design.

This week, as per usual, I completed a number of assignments! And, without further ado, here they are!

Here are the links to the Written Assignments completed this week:

Response to movies:

Photo tips and attempts:

Five photos of noir:

My photography thoughts and considerations:

Here are the links to the Daily Creates completed this week:

Liberate your art:

The 2048 game:–edition/

My youtube video on silence (it was easier just to embed the video, so here you go!)


Here are the links to the Visual Assignments created this week:

Lyric: 2 stars:

Putting Disney Into Focus: 2 stars:

Designed to Shock: 4 stars:

What’s in the Bag?: 3 stars:

Total stars completed: 10

Hopefully you liked everything you’ve seen thus far. I’ll see you next week!

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