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“Being A Music Producer” Assignment

This Audio Assignment may be found here:

This assignment basically asked to record multiple tracks of audio in order to produce a little diddly. I decided to approach this little project my covering the song Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. I began by playing an ukulele to begin the base for my rhythm. Because I am not so musically talented like many of my friends, I needed to sing very lightly to keep the tempo consistent. I then created another layer recording a louder ukulele to blend with the the first recording, and personally this sounded really cool (considering that this was my first time)! Following the instrumentals, I finally added a vocal track of myself singing accordingly to the song (excuse my lousy singing). To end my audio concoction, I played around with my audio-editing software to add some reverb and an amplifier filter! And voila, it all resulted in this short little audio cover.

I am very new to this form of media, but I am sure that I will catch on in future as this interests me a lot. Onward to the next audio assignment…

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