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Bio Unlocked: Tom Blair

Tom Blair was born on January 14th-Humphrey Bogart’s death date-in the year 1915. He is 48 years old as of this day in 1963.
He shares one important trait with author Earnest Hemingway: they were both born in Oak Park, Illinois.
In 1938, Tom married a woman named Lenny, at the age of 23. She was his only friend.
In the year 1941, Lenny passed away due to complications giving birth. The baby also did not make it, leaving Tom with no children.
Tom has taken an oath to never love another woman.
The film Citizen Kane, which released in 1941, is Tom’s favorite movie. It is the last movie he and Lenny ever watched together.
In fact, many of Tom’s favorite things come from either the year 1941, or the year 1938-his wedding date. Some of these favorites include the Hershey Krackel bar (1938) and Mott’s Apple Juice (1938).
Tom has two prized possesions: a leather wallet given to him by his wife on their third anniversary, and time. He guards each one carefully and carries them both in his pockets.
Tom has worked hard to become a Private Investigator, and recently became one in the year 1962. His physicality most closely resembles that of the actor Gene Kelly’s.

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