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Business Card

Create Your Own Business Card

We’re reaching a time in our lives where where professionalism is key. Use photoshop to create your own business card to advertise who you are.

Create your own business card

2 Stars!

For this assignment I chose what i want to do later in life and that is open a guide service for redfish down in South Carolina. I used GIMP to create the product. I used a photo that was taken by my Dad on our vacation the Summer of 2014.

I found an image of a Redfish on google that i used the laso tool on and cropped it for the business card. I added text to the image to let people know my name, what i offer, and my contact. I merged all of the layers together and my final product was created. If i am ever to open this business i might actually use this card. Very cool assignment.

Below is a link to the business card which can be found on my Flickr page as well as on my blog!

Business Card

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