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Caleb without words

The Sound Effects Story which is worth 3.5 stars was rather difficult but fun. ¬†Our task was to make a story about our noir character with using only sound effects. The story that I told was Caleb’s life at the end of a work day. All the sounds I used were found on my mixcraft software. To start off you will hear him typing on the computer. He is getting the last bit of work done before he could leave. The next thing is the town bells. He hates the traditions of his little town so be shuts the window when they start to chime. Then his phone rings but sense he will be off any minute now he turns it off and does not answer it. Due to the fact he does work at the police station there is police cars driving around outside and he then walks down the stairs. Of course he lights a cigarette and gets in the car to go home. When he reaches the house he goes in and makes himself some scotch, lights another cigarette and checks the computer. After he finished off the bottle he brushes his teeth and heads to bed. Not a very eventful night for sheriff Caleb but at least he made it to his own bed tonight.

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