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Call Before you Fall


Create Your Own Business Card (2 stars)


business card finalSo this week we are supposed to do design assignments related to our character. One assignment I chose was to create a business card for Sarah Mustard, because it would develop her professional persona. She is a private investigator, so naturally she has to have a card for potential clients. I began with a typical business card template and inserted the information, name, company name, address, and phone number. I came up with the company slogan, “Call before you fall”. I chose to keep the card pretty simple, using only black and red text, which I think happen to be very noir colors. I created the logo with magnifiying glasses, a typical symbol of detectives, but there are two, in the form of glasses or binoculars, because private investigators are always watching. I added the red squiggle on the right hand side because it just looked bland without it. I kept the professional font from the original template, because I felt like Sarah Mustard should appear professional.

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