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This is the Emotions Through Sound assignment that is three points.
In this assignment, I wanted to convey calm emotions. When I think of something calming, I think of sitting in a park reading a book with talking and music in the background. I got all my sounds from the website I only used three sounds for this assignment. I wanted to get the outdoors feel of sitting in a park so I put a bird sound in. I wanted calming music in the distance so I added a saxophone. I think jazz music can be very calming when it is played slowing from a saxophone like in the recording I used. And finally, I added people talking because I wanted it to feel like others were around as well. It would be weird if there was no one talking in an open park on a nice, sunny day.
I hope this assignment showed a nice depiction of calmness.

Sounds Used:
Chirping Birds
Crowd Talking

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