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Character Dossier – George Bozzo

George Bozzo

"It is what it is"

“It is what it is”

I am George Bozzo (pronounced “Bawzo” not Bowzo!), born back in 1934 February 14th that is in a little town in New Jersey called Newark! I have a wife and one son who I hope to carry on the family traditions! I am the proud owner of two manufacturing companies in and around Jersey. I have done things that I am proud of and some I am not but they had to be done. I’m an Italian – full blooded! These young people and their stupidity get to me all the time and of course always around my favorite dinner lasagna and my wine! But my family is my family and they always come first. My family is my prize possession in this life and nobody, I mean nobody messes with them! You see I grew up very poor, so poor that me and my six siblings all slept in one room and in the same bed! That’s all my folks could afford and I was determined not to live like this much longer! I was going to be better and make things better for all of them and I did! We never knew where our next meal was coming from or when and if that wasn’t bad enough we had to put a quarter in a box on the wall to heat the apartment – that is if we had one! Me, I loved to fish and fishing is where it all began. Fishing on the river bank one day, I actually was having good luck that day and caught several. A poor looking older man was there also and even though there were so many of us at home I felt the need to share with him. Next time I was there when he was – that kindness of sharing paid off for me in big ways. He asked me to run errands for him and he actually paid me to do them! I was loving life and buying food and heat for the family. I eventually dropped out of school because who needs it when I was doing so well. Actually better than my father could do. The errands were getting bigger and more important to him, I could just tell. I was loyal, trustworthy, and very kind to my little old man. My parent’s didn’t need to know anything except that there life was about to get better no matter what I had to do. I became the man that I am today as a result of this little old man. I am dressed to kill and always perfectly groomed. If I must say so myself, I am one tall, dark, and handsome Italian. I’m always smoking to help with the stress and it makes me think better so I just add a little extra cologne under my trench coat and keep on moving. As a “ladies man” you always have to look good and smell good! My little old man provided an apartment for me, I didn’t have to pay a dime. And then, one dark, stormy night the power went out, or at least I thought it did! It was initiation time! Without going into much detail now, the initiation went well, very well as I own and operate not one but two manufacturing companies! You know of course the business with a business behind the business. You got that!

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