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Character Dossier – Introducing Ava Harlowe

Ava Harlowe grew up in New York during the Great Depression and understands the value of hard work. Born in 1921, she experienced hardship and learned how to work her way up from nothing. She chased her dream of acting starting at a young age. Auditioning by day, waitressing by night, Ava got to know some of the biggest writers and stars on Broadway. Very well connected, she got parts in Broadway shows and became a star on stage and in society. She chased her dream of acting in films to Los Angeles where she got involved with very powerful people. Her story mainly takes place around the late 1940’s, when the Red Scare was taking over Hollywood. Determined to not only be a prize on the screen, Ava makes a name for herself behind the camera as well. As Hollywood is falling apart, Ava is succeeding and changing the game for women in film. Not unlike the other female stars of the 40’s, she is quite the bombshell. Brunette, 5’7, and taller than most of her directors. She has a coy smile that shows she’s not to be messed with. Thin but curvy and always dressed to impress. She never let’s anyone see her without her hair and makeup done – but has the confidence to step out fresh faced. She’s not obsessed with designers and labels because of the way she grew up, but she loves being able to afford nice things. She would now much rather put her money into antiques and new projects than clothes and expensive jewelry. Her down to earth personality is intimidating to the Hollywood elite because she isn’t easily impressed.

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