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Character Dossier: John Brown


John Brown, he was born on November 29th 1970 in New York City, NY. He is single and work as lawyer in Miami, FL.

John Brown is about 6’1” tall and weighs about 165 lb. He is very stylish and always wears suit. His style makes his appearance to look better. He is a handsome man. If you see him on the street, you would probably look back at him. John has black hair, which makes his appearance to be colder also he never smile. Sometimes, it looks like he does not know how to smile or laugh. He has a mustache and he is kind of proud of it. Without a mustache, he thinks he would look weird or ugly, so he never shave it.

He was born in New York City and well educated. His parents got divorced when he was 11 years old. The reason for divorcement was poverty. His father had been unemployed for 3 years and his mother was the only one who make money. So they ended up with divorcing. He was a vulnerable age so he slowly closed his mind to his parents. After 5 years later, his mother got remarried with rich guy, name Mark also, he got step brother, David. Mark was really great man; however, whenever he is drunk, he assaulted John’s mom and John. Mark did not remember anything day after. He always asked John’s mom for forgiveness and made promise not to drink. But he never kept the promise that he made. John’s mom did not want to divorce with him. She thought that getting hit is better than poverty. Also, David committed violence toward John. John had to suppress the anger, because his mom asked him to do so, also money. His stepbrother David knew that John was getting mob violence in school but he never helped John. He saw his mom’s marriage, made his mind to live as single. Since elementary school, John received so many wounds from people, he completely closed his mind and never open it again. His stepfather supported for his education and paid for his office, so he did not have to worry about money for anything. He moved from New York City to Miami right after he finished is studies, and open the office. When he started to make some money by himself, he became totally independent from his parents. John was never felt sorry or thankful to his stepfather’s support. He thought that it was pay back for violence of Mark and David. He does not longing for home. Home was hell to him.

His favorite food is egg salad sandwich, which is the simple food that he can eat while he is working. Since he has lots of work and have to think deeply to defend his clients, he needs high energy from food. The drinks that contain caffeine never work for him only sugar works for him. So he drink hot chocolate that contains lots of sugar to make him awake. Also, he loves sweet food. So whenever you go to his office, you can find tons of candies and chocolates on his desk and in the cabinet. John love simple thing. So the interior of his office is decorated with black and white. The color of the wall and the carpet is black and he put some white furniture to give point in his office room. From his room, you can assume that his favorite color is black. He does not have favorite book. He had to read so many books to become lawyer, so he is sick of the book. He has many books in his office but he never read them. He just look at them whenever he needs. He is kind of isolated from people. He does not have friend and never call or visit his family. He loves being alone and does not want to go to the places where people are crowded, which means that he is very antisocial. So he just watch the movie when it is on TV but does not have favorite movie in his mind. In his mind movie is the most boring thing in the world.

John Brown thinks that money is much important than personal relationship in his life. He does everything if someone gives money to him. He accept any cases when the client gives money more than he expect. He does not care the crime that client committed, he just care about the amount of payment that client is giving for defending him/her.

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