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Character Dossier: Shirley Mayfield

Betty Compson -1929-The Great Gabbo

This is Shirley Mayfield. She was born on August 18th,   1924 in New York City, New York. Shirley is a gorgeous girl in her mid 20s. She has beautiful, blonde, curly hair. She never leaves the house without looking her very best. Appearance is very important to Shirley. She prefers to look overdressed rather than underdressed. She always accessorizes too! She likes to be the center of attention and she is definitely the life of the party. Her family was very wealthy, so they were able to live the luxurious New York City life during the Roaring 20’s. Shirley was the oldest of six children. Her mother stayed at home and took care of her and her brothers and sisters. She did housework, but she also had a small in-home tailor business that she was running in her spare time in order for them to have a bit of extra money. The Mayfield family was very wealthy though.

Shirley’s father, Dick owned one of the biggest department stores in the city. This department store was quickly growing and becoming more and more popular. This started to become a problem for the Mayfield family because they now had people trying to ruin their family’s success. There were lots of businessmen in the New York City area who were trying to compete with Dick Mayfield’s department store, but none of their businesses even came close. This was really starting to bother some of the businessmen, so they formed a small alliance in order to try and take down Dick Mayfield and his department store. The men ended up murdering Dick Mayfield and Shirley was a witness. She didn’t understand why they did this, but they told her if she told anyone she was next. She was scared to death and she never said a word. Even though the men took down her father, they didn’t take down her family business. Two of her brothers took over and successfully ran the business. They were unharmed.

Shirley is a notable flapper. She is very well known in the New York City area. Shirley who also goes by “Shirl” is most definitely a femme fatale. The boys are ALL over her! She is definitely “to die for”. I mean come on, she is gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to marry this beautiful woman? Shirley is currently single, but she is looking for someone to settle down with. She wants to have a big family like her own and she wants to be able to work from home and take care of her children like her mother. She wants to marry someone who is successful like her father because Shirley wants to continue living the luxurious life that she knows how to live best. Shirley enjoys eating at five star restaurants where she orders her signature drink, the Shirley Temple. It’s her favorite. Her favorite color is aqua or baby blue because it brings out her beautiful blue eyes. Her favorite possession is her pearl set because who could go anywhere without pearls? Not Shirley! She doesn’t go anywhere without her pearls or curls! She is always put together and always looks phenomenal. Her absolute favorite book is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Her favorite film came out in 1927, it’s entitled Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans. It is a love story. Shirley loves fantasizing about her life. She does think that she will have a very hard time finding a husband because she has high expectations and she is scarred from seeing what happened to her father. She wants to find the “perfect” man, so as she continues to be a tease, the search goes on.

Shirley always says “Pearls are ALWAYS appropriate!”. It’s her motto.


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