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Click Click: A Reflection

This week really was a lot of fun. I started out the week by posting about my previous photography experience. All in all that was pretty easy and it gave me the opportunity to learn about how I can improve my photography skills. I also got categories started on my blog and put all my previous posts into the various categories (check out the side!)

I then started on the visual assignments. I did a grand total of 11 stars worth of visual assignments. The more free choice assignments I did were the poetry poster visual assignment for three stars and the focus on one color visual assignment for two stars. I did two assignments on my character, Isabelle Franklin: the Word Cloud Visual Assignment for three stars and the What’s in My Bag required visual assignment  for three stars.

I was determined to knock out all of my ds106 assignments (except the daily creates) before my meet on Saturday. I spent Friday afternoon taking my photo safari around Jepson. When I got back from practice in the evening I watched two movies and wrote up a reflection about each: Killer’s Kiss and The Hitch-Hiker.

I did my daily creates throughout the week. Sadly I only did three this week but after taking a pretty bad fall in the hurdles on Saturday I think it’s excusable. I did the Make your Own 2048 Daily Create (NoirCat Edition), the Silent Film about Silence (the Silence before the Jump), and the Drawing without Lifting A Pencil (Another NoirCat). I really wanted to do the daily create to Create Instructions for An Everyday Item but after the meet Saturday I forgot.

All in all, it was a fun week. I enjoyed getting the chance to develop my photography skills while making fun digital media. And with this post, week number three is done!

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