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Colonel Mustard, with the Rope, in the Kitchen?

A radio show? Now that is something I have never done before. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming throughout the week and these are a few of the ideas I came up with –

1. Interviewing Noir Characters.
2. Reading of a Noir story/play
3. A story, like the game clue, where listeners have to take the clues they are given and figure out who did the crime, where, and with what weapon (maybe use Noir Characters)
4. Some type of Jerry Springer/Maury …Noir Edition.

Well. These are just SOME ideas, and I’m sure other people have plenty more. I definitely am a big fan of number 3. I think that would keep people interested in the show, and it would be something they could participate in. We could have a live tweet, where people tweet their thoughts, and who they think the culprit is. Now that I am thinking about it more, I’m starting to actually really like the idea. I also think it could one day be a series, or something that happens weekly. It could be addictive, and something people want to participate in more often.

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