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Copyrighting and All That Comes With It

A lot of things go into copyrighting. It’s so much that I don’t really understand it all. However, what I do understand is that there is mostly copyrighting, kind of copyrighting, and free to the public copyrighting. As such, copyrighting can be circumstantial with parodies disrupting those concrete laws. Copyrighting has struggled to find a proper balance between the owner and the public which is where Fair Use comes from. It allows copyrighters to reproduce material for a certain amount of time. Parodies don’t disturb these laws. Similarly, Creative Commons allows the owners to chose to allow the reproduction of their things to a certain extent.


As such, there is s much that goes into copyrighting. They have to take into account the owner and the public while maintaining a fair distribution of permission. That is why I try not to deal with copyright laws. There is always that one person who does not like if someone uses something and tries to shut it down. I understand that some people do not want their work reproduced but you have to understand what you’re opening yourself up to when you create something. Sometimes you need to account for others when you create a piece of work. I guess I don’t have a full grasp of copyrighting because I ┬áhaven’t released something serious to the public. However, when that day comes I’ll probably understand it more.

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